Mark Christopher Brandt

Veritas  (1995)

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Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano, Geoff Thaler: woodwinds

About Veritas (Released May 1, 1995)


Veritas, Mark’s first session as a leader, is a lyrical, romantic and deeply meditative work which deftly, and without pretense, straddles the worlds of what is best in jazz and classical music.  Both Thaler on woodwinds and Brandt on piano are accomplished musicians and though this is a first outing for both, it is not a statement made by young artists groping for voice.  The music is both intense, courageous and peaceful in its delivery.


It is impossible to discern - except for the obvious composed work The Tree, which Mark composed for Geoff as a vehicle to display his affinity with a multitude of woodwind instruments - how much of this material was actually written and how much was improvised.


The flowing lines of classical music married to the harmonies of jazz, bonded together by Mark’s unique sense of rhythm, make Veritas, the Latin word for “Truth,” a timeless gem for the listener seeking a restful path on the journey towards silence and the deepest recesses of the human soul.


Album Tracks

1.  Veritas Part 1

2.  Veritas Part 2

3.  Veritas Part 3

4.  Kapua

5.  Home

6.  Shrine of the Spirit

7.  The Wind (Rob’s Song)

8.  The Tree

9.  The Theology of Risk


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