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This Side of Forever  (2012)

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Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

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About This Side of Forever (Released January 1, 2012)


This Side of Forever marked the return to the artistic arena for Mark Christopher Brandt after an eight year hiatus from performing and recording.  Although it was released after Worth the Wait (2010), it was recorded during the same year but held back from release to allow the trio recording to grow legs.  This Side of Forever brings both the old and the new with it. Forever is a double CD release containing the tracks from his 1999 solo piano recording Contemplation, and a disc of new solo piano works showing both youthful exuberance and an oasis of serenity from a seasoned artist.


The arrangements are at times rich with romantic harmonies, and in other moments sparse with almost nothing but the beautifully flowing melodies to carry the listener gently forward through the peaceful journey this CD offers.  Opening with the subtly harmonized ancient chant, Salve Regina, the pianist and composer moves with quiet authority through six more original compositions, one of which, the closing track, is a completely spontaneous composition.


Mark makes it clear that he is continuing his career forward with this last piece titled Impromptu 3, an obvious follow up to the first piano improvisation on Suite for a Fish Out of Water, and Impromptu 2 which is found on the second disc of Forever, titled Contemplation.


This Side of Forever was recorded in one session and all of the pieces are unedited first takes.  The same is true for Contemplation, recorded eight years earlier.  There is no fear of failure in this pianist nor is there any pretense.  What you see is what you get.  What you hear is exactly what he heard at the moment it was issuing forth from him.


Album Tracks

Disc One Contemplation

Released June 11, 1999


1. Impromptu 2

2. Song of the Bird

3. In Flight

4. A Moment of Peace

5. The Present Moment

6. Koki

7. Contemplation

8. Psalm 40

9. That Place Where Nothing Matters

10. Joy in Pain

11. Life Dance

12. The Lion

13. First Friday

Disc Two This Side of Forever

Released January 1, 2012


1. Chant

2. All Souls

3. From the Heart

4. For My Friends

5. (This Side of) Forever

6. Rest

7. Impromptu 3


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