Mark Christopher Brandt

Seven Moons (2015)

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Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

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About Seven Moons (Released January 1, 2015)


Seven Moons is a complete set of eight piano improvisations by Mark which were lifted from the DVD of the same name.  The interaction between camera man, engineer and pianist has been removed, leaving a smooth and peaceful recording of piano music that will leave the listener who has not seen the video to believe that these pieces were well thought out and practiced compositions.  They are not.  All eight tracks were composed on the spot with no editing.  There are many jazz musicians who boast of their ability to perform or record without a safety net.  There are only a few genuinely honest recorded examples of such musicians.  Preparation precludes true spontaneity.  Rather than boast of an ability that in fact presents no risk to him at all, Mark chooses to share the gift of his music with the world and point to God within, rather than vain man without.


Album Tracks

1. Titan

2. Rhea

3. Iapetus

4. Dione

5. Tethys

6. Enceladu

7. Mimas

8. Saturn


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