Mark Christopher Brandt

Round Trip

The Making of an Artist DVD (2016)

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Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

Dan Leonard: guitar

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About Round Trip The Making of an Artist DVD (Released April 28, 2016)


This documentary traces Mark’s footsteps through the sixteen year process of maintaining artistic collaboration with virtuoso guitarist Dan Leonard while negotiating life without drugs and alcohol.  It empowers and exhorts anyone who has come from a difficult past, or anyone who may still be fighting to leave heavy baggage behind, that a new day is possible through the courageous pursuit of one’s dreams.  The Round Trip DVD has been featured in film festivals all over the globe and translated into several languages.


The nature scenery in this DVD is shocking as the viewer is taken on a journey well beyond the standard documentary format.  Kudos to the intuitive camera work of MoJo Factory Productions Scott Nurmi, who spontaneously and beautifully captures a family of deer and a family of black bears on two separate location shoots.  The visual panorama with which Scott illustrates the story is as interesting and uplifting as the story itself.


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